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468-TIME  (Telephone Time of Day)
After Dark 4.0 Screensaver Collection
America Online Archive & AOLpress Help Tutorial
Annoying Ringtone from my first cellular phone (.MP3)
AT&T Phone Number Guide (helpful list of customer service numbers to make contacting "Ma Bell" easier.)
Bug Splat ScreenSaver
Christmas Novelty Music 
FLOPPY.HAVEADAY.NET (The Software Archive)
FurmanNet Chatroom 
FurmanNet Christmas Page
Hamster Dance Website (Classic 1990s)
Have a Day!
Have a Day! Electronic Mail Service
Have a Day! Hallpass Service
Holly Tones Online
Hoyle III Game Collection 
Idiot Game
Learn-A-Torium or
Ernestine Tomlin calling Mr. Veedle (Video)
Matthew Furman's Christmas Wreath of Fun
MatthewWeb Art
Mrs. Klutz Online
Nickelodeon Screensavers :: Vintage!!
Novelty Answering Machine 
Online Mad Libs
Phone Feature Guide
School Bus Fun :-)
School Stories
See Food Diet
Sierra On-Line 1992 Christmas Demo
Sierra On-Line Christmas Demos (original programs)
Sonic RecordNow! Version 6 Help Files & Tutorial
Telemarketer Exterminator Sound Board Exterminator/
Thank You For Being A Friend
The Halloween Web
The Magic Floppy
The MIDI Site
The Wav Site
USA Datanet Dial-up Help Files
Voicemail Access Numbers
Voicemail Clean-up
Windows Media Player Skins (themes) Archive
Windows XP Christmas Theme 2004
Windows XP Download Archive
Windows 98 Game (100% HTML-based game)

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